The reality of swimming car is revealed

The reality of swimming car is revealed

Posted on Jan 10, 2020

The reality of swimming car is revealed. A picture of a car lying in the swimming pool of a hotel in Florida, southeast of the United States, has gone viral.
The car was lying in the swimming pool in a way that seemed to enjoy swimming, but initially, consumers were probably thinking something like this, but everyone was disappointed when police told the truth about the tragic incident.
According to police officials, while driving in the parking lot outside the hotel located in Florida, the driver pressed the race instead of the brake, after which the car broke into the wall and reached the hotel's swimming pool.
Fortunately, when the incident occurred, no person was present in the pool; the driver was safely evacuated by the hotel staff, though he must have suffered minor setbacks.
The police department shared photos and details of the incident on the social networking site Facebook, which made fun of the driver and advised him to park the vehicle carefully. The incident happened on the evening of January 4.




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