The Queen Elizabeth II's birthday will not be celebrated in the UK

The Queen Elizabeth II's birthday will not be celebrated in the UK

Posted on Apr 20, 2020

In view of the caution against the Coronavirus, Queen Elizabeth II this year has announced in simplicity its anniversary that no public event will be organized for her this time.

Queen Britain celebrates its anniversary on April 21 every year, and not only is it officially organized on the occasion of its anniversary, but the common people also organize special celebrations for their birthday.

According to Reuters news agency, Queen Britain has said just a few days before her birthday that she will not hold a public ceremony on her birthday this time and her birthday will be celebrated with simplicity.

He has also asked the British government not to arrange for him to be saluted on the occasion of his birthday unless no party is organized in his honor.

He has already asked the public and the government to make special arrangements in the wake of the Coronavirus and for the first time, he addressed the special in view of illness.

Queen Britain a few days ago told the nation in her special and fourth of her life so far that the British Government, Health Department employees and the people will surely defeat Corona.

Queen Britain had also left the royal palace due to precautionary measures and moved to Windsor, another royal palace.

Queen Charles, the son of the Queen, was infected with Corona, but later recovered.

Like other countries in the world, the Coronavirus is spreading rapidly in the UK, and by the afternoon of April 19, the number of Corona-infected people has increased to more than one hundred and fifty thousand, while the death toll has reached close to 16,000. ۔


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