The Official Anthem of PSL 'Aage Dekh' Has Become Popular

The Official Anthem of PSL 'Aage Dekh' Has Become Popular

Posted on Jan 25, 2022

The official anthem of the seventh edition of the Pakistan Super League (PSL) was released in the voice of Atif Aslam and Aima Baig.

Abdullah Siddiqui, a singer and musician, also appears in the three-minute video for 'Aage Dekh.'

The official anthem video also depicts youngsters' enthusiasm playing in the streets and fans who enjoy traditional cricket tunes.

The music of 'Aage Dekh' was composed by Abdullah Siddiqui while Zeeshan Pervez directed it, and for the first time, Atif Aslam has sung the official anthem of cricket.

Aima Baig was also a part of the final published song, 'Grove Meera,' which Atif Aslam sang for the first time for PSL.

This year and last year, it was expected that Naseebo Lal would return to the anthem, but this did not materialize.

The Pakistan Super League began in 2015, with artist Ali Zafar performing the inaugural song.

PSL First's song 'Ab Khel Ke Dakha' in Ali Zafar's voice was well received, and as a result, Ali Zafar's voice was used in the first three PSL songs.

PSL second song, 'Ab Khel Jame Ga,' was released in January 2017, while PSL third song, 'Dil Se Jan Laga De,' was released in January 2018, and all three of Ali Zafar's songs were liked overall.

PSL Fourth song, 'Khel Deewana Ka,' was released in January 2019 with the voices of actor Fawad Khan and Young Desi Band.

PSL Fifth song, 'Tiyar Hai' was released in January 2020 with singers Ali Azmat, Arif Lohar, Asim Azhar, Zulfiqar Jabbar Khan and Haroon Rashid.

PSL Fifth song was also heavily criticized, while the fans also criticized PSL 6th song, 'Grove Meera'.

While 'Grove Meera' was criticized last year, it was also lauded, fans urged that Naseebo Lal be included in the PSL 7 anthem, but this did not happen.


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