The miscreants tore the posters of 'Woman March'

The miscreants tore the posters of 'Woman March'

Posted on Feb 25, 2020

In the past 2 years, women have been subjected to online and offline abuse and intense criticism of peaceful protests for their rights.

By the way, the criticism is increasing every time after the 'Woman March', which is being held on March 8, but before March 8 this year, voices against the women march started.

Woman March activists claim that after getting permission in the Hussain Chowk area of ​​Lahore, posters on the wall have raised concerns over women's issues that are not considered important in the society.

According to him, unknown people ripped posters on the wall within hours of the workers.

As March 8 is approaching, pro-women marches are raising awareness about patriotism in public places, affecting both genders in society.

Photographs of posters shared on the Woman March account on social networking site Twitter were fired just hours after the photographs were taken.

In his tweet, he wrote, "All those who ask why we are marching are the answer."

Criticizing those who did so, he wrote, "Now we will come to the march with more preparation."

According to him, 'the feudal society is afraid of the few pictures of woman'.

One user wrote, 'You can tear up these posters but you cannot undermine us, we will make more posters, it is clear that you are afraid of emerging women'.

Salman Sufi, an activist for women's rights and reforms, wrote in his tweet: "By tearing posters from a peaceful organization, you have only proved how scared you are, the more posters you leave. Raise your voice for your rights'.

Lawyer and social activist Nighat Dad also tweeted.

According to him, we will be part of the Women's March on the 8th, even though we are sent to jail.

He said that he would publish his poster online and people could use it for free.


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