The first episode of 'Sinf-e- Aahan' won the hearts of the fans

The first episode of 'Sinf-e- Aahan' won the hearts of the fans

The first episode of director Nadeem Baig's big cast drama "Sinf-e- Aahan" grabbed the audience's hearts.

The first episode of the drama, which features additional performers such as Sajal Ali, Yumna Zaidi, Syra Yousuf, Kubra Khan, and Rimsha Khan, aired on November 27. The play's first teaser was posted on November 11, followed by teasers for the main cast and the play's trailer on November 20. As soon as the first episode of 'Sinf-e- Aahan' aired, the drama's trend became the top trend on Twitter, with fans not only praising the actors' performances but also describing the drama's opening as unique.

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The majority of people appreciated Yumna Zaidi and Ramsha Khan's performances, writing that both actors were excellent in their roles as Pashtun and Baloch girls. Yumna Zaidi plays the part of Pashtun military commander 'Shaista Khanzada,' while Ramsha Khan plays the role of Baloch military officer 'Parvez Jamal,' in the drama.

In the same way, Saira Yusuf played Christian military girl Arzoo Daniel, Kabra Khan played Civil Military Officer Mahjabeen Mastan, and Sajal Ali played Rabia Safir. The play also features Sri Lankan actress Yahli Tashiya, who performed the character of 'Nathami Perera,' a Sri Lankan military cadet, and 'Power Girl' Dananir Mobin, who played a cadet named 'Syeda Sidra.' Will provide

People began sharing screenshots and video of the drama on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram as soon as the first episode aired, applauding it. One Twitter user praised Yemeni Zaidi's role, writing that he "earned hearts" in the first episode. Yemeni Zaidi, she said, "played the character of a girl from a different dialect and culture in such a fantastic way that it was hard to believe she hadn't adopted any other accent."

People admired her Pashtun girl's flair and praised her by sharing images and videos of her. While the trend for 'Sanaf Ahan' rose to the top after the first episode of the drama was released, the trend for Rimsha Khan's character Parvez Jamal stayed among the top trends. People praised his character's bravery, innocence, and beauty in social media posts.

People praised his performance and expressed their want to see more of him in the future. Some fans commended all of the major actors, including Rimsha Khan and Yemeni Zaidi, for their performance and drama tale, and characterised the show's opening as inspirational and unlike anything else. According to several users, when they first saw the play, they thought there were no extraneous or pointless elements in it.

Some fans regarded the play's primary cast members as challenging and brave, writing that no one's position is simple, and that everyone is depicted battling for themselves and standing up for their concerns. And it looked like he was dealing with external difficulties. Some individuals also praised the play's topic, writing that it is a good practise to highlight women empowerment in dramas and to depict stories of women fighting up for their rights, and that more dramas should include women who are empowered.

Other cast members, notably Sri Lankan actress Yahli Tashia, were also praised by Sri Lankan fans. The play's main plot is around Kabra Khan, Sajjal Ali, Yemeni Zaidi, Rimsha Khan, and Saira Yusuf, who are regular females whose lives are turned upside down after entering the army.

The drama was directed by Nadeem Baig, and it was co-produced by the Pakistan Army Public Relations and Humayun Saeed's wife, Samina Saeed (ISPR).


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