The Environmental Documentary 'lyari Girls Cafe' Won the Award

The Environmental Documentary 'lyari Girls Cafe' Won the Award

Posted on Aug 16, 2021

A short documentary on the environment made by trained girls of Lyari Girls Cafe, a social organization based in Lyari, Karachi, won an award at the German Embassy Film Festival in Pakistan.

According to a report published in Dawn newspaper, a short documentary made by Lyari girls won the third major award in the documentary film festival 'Green Eight' organized by the German Embassy and the German Consulate in Karachi. The 'Green Eight' Film Festival was held at the Karachi Consulate, which was attended by important personalities including the award winning film team.

The first two major awards at the Green It Film Festival were won by Gilgit-Baltistan documentaries, while the third award went to a documentary on the environment by trained girls from Lyari Girls Cafe. Speaking at the awards ceremony, German Consul General Hoegler Ziegler said that the film festival organizers had received 52 documentaries from all over Pakistan, some of which were shortlisted for their documentaries through social media.

The awards ceremony was attended by all the girls who made the documentary. Photo: Lyari Girls Cafe, Facebook
Two of the three best documentaries shortlisted for the awards were documentaries made by young filmmakers from Gilgit-Baltistan, while the third best film award went to Lyari's Girls' Film.

The documentary, made by the girls of Lyari Cafe Girls, a social organization, was directed by Sehrish Turk and other team members, including him, were given awards at the festival. Sajida Qazi, Deputy Commissioner, Eastern District, also attended the awards ceremony and expressed her happiness at winning the Lyari Girls' Film Award.

The Lyari Girls Caf girls' documentary Environment on the Frontline won a bronze award, while two Gilgit-Baltistan documentaries won the first two awards. Lyari Girls Cafe is a community center that provides a variety of training to local girls and women. The center was established in 2017 and is run by the social organization 'As Research and Development Organization' ) Is run under.




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