The English Cricket Board's chairman apologized for the team's refusal to visit Pakistan.

The English Cricket Board's chairman apologized for the team's refusal to visit Pakistan.

Ian Whatmore, the Chairman of the English Cricket Board, has apologised to the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) for declining to visit Pakistan and has promised to make every attempt to visit Pakistan next year.

It should be mentioned that the New Zealand team cancelled its tour of Pakistan due to security concerns after arriving in Pakistan, while England refused to send its men's and women's teams to Pakistan a few days following New Zealand's refusal.

According to Kirk Info, Whatmore stated in an interview with the Daily Telegraph that one of the reasons for denying the trip was security, but that the players' well-being was given top priority. "I apologise to all those who have been harmed by this decision, particularly in Pakistan," he added, adding that the board's decision was "very tough." "I'm not going into details," he continued, "but we got advice regarding security and the well-being of the players, which is why we made this choice."

The English board's chairman stated that due to the little time remaining in the World Cup and the return of New Zealand from Pakistan, a decision had to be made quickly. Many factors were considered in this case, but the safety of the athletes was the most crucial factor.

It's worth noting that the England squad was visiting Pakistan for the first time since 2005, whilst the English women's team has not visited Pakistan since 2005, and this was their first trip there. The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) was incensed by England's decision and demanded an explanation, while English media and retired players were vocal in their opposition to the tour's cancellation.

Boris Johnson, the British Prime Minister, was also enraged by the English Cricket Board's refusal to send men's and women's teams to Pakistan. According to a storey in the Times, the English board intended to continue the tour of Pakistan, but the England Players Partnership intervened, and the visit was cancelled. The partnership is really an organisation that represents England's central contract players through the players' union.

The England Players' Association, on the other hand, has denied the reports, claiming that the decision to withdraw from the team's upcoming trip of Pakistan has nothing to do with English cricketers. Furthermore, it was proven that the players did not make the choice and that there was no considerable consultation. The board of directors made the decision. We shall have a representative body of players and professional cricket if we opt to continue the tour. Recommendations to the association were required, although the situation had not yet reached this point.

According to him, the visit was hampered by the recent pullout of foreign soldiers from Afghanistan, notably those from the United States. You will have plenty of time."We need to develop our connections with Pakistan," Ian Whatmore stated, "and our concentration is on going there in 2022." He expressed his gratitude to Pakistan for hosting him in England last year and stated that he will do everything in his power to ensure that his team visits Pakistan next year.

Information Minister Fawad Chaudhry, on the other side, has hailed the chairman of the English Cricket Board's statement as  a victory for Pakistan."The English Cricket Board's apologies and the announcement of the Pakistan visit is a major achievement of our position," he wrote on the social networking site Twitter.

He stated that another plan against Pakistan cricket was foiled thanks to cricketers, diplomats, international media, and all those who backed Pakistan on this matter.



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