The dentist's Strange move got him trouble

The dentist's Strange move got him trouble

The dentist's Strange move got him trouble
In the United States, a dentist faced a lawsuit when extracting a tooth from a patient who exhibited unprofessional behaviour and performed a tooth extraction on a hoverboard.

An application was filed in 2017 against Luck Hart, a dentist working in the US state of Alaska, who created a video because of the request.

It can be seen in the video that the doctor removed the unconscious patient's teeth after which he left the room on the Hoverboard, while the patient was pulling the tooth.

The application stated that the dentist's behaviour did not match professional standards, the doctor performed the daunting task of unconscious tooth extraction while he was boarding the hoverboard.

The petition also cited a conversation on Luck Hart's phone in which he said, "Tooth extraction is the new standard for riding a hoverboard."
The local court has charged Luc Hurt with several counts of irresponsibility during his work and has also been charged with fraud on medical bills and taking unnecessary costs from patients.

During the hearing of the plea, the judge said that the doctor also mentioned these activities to his friends, as in the case of his phone calls and text messages, we found strong evidence against him.
Several of his patients appeared in court against Luck Hart, including the patient whose teeth were pulled out by Hurt's board.

The woman was unaware of the incident with her and when investigators approached her and showed her the video and told her how their teeth were removed, they shouted, 'This is a totally unprofessional process'.
The local court will soon sentence Luck Hart.



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