The British Newspaper Wants to End the Lawsuit Filed by Johnny Depp

The British Newspaper Wants to End the Lawsuit Filed by Johnny Depp

Leading British newspaper The Sun has asked a London court to dismiss a lawsuit filed against it by Hollywood actor Johnny Depp for lack of evidence. Johnny Depp had filed a lawsuit in a London court in April 2018 against the British newspaper The Sun for writing a false article.

In its article, The Sun called Johnny Depp a "wife abuser" and wrote about how Johnny Depp tortured his wife the worst. While Johnny Depp was portrayed as a man who abused his wife, his ex-wife Amber Heard was also portrayed as an oppressed woman.

Following the newspaper's publication of the article, Johnny Depp filed a lawsuit against the newspaper in a British court, claiming 200,000 euros in damages, and several hearings have been held. During the hearing of the same case, two actresses who had been in a romantic relationship with Johnny Depp had submitted a statement in their favor on May 13 last month.

French-born singer and actress Vanessa Paradise, 47, and American actress and producer Winona Ryder, filed statements in favor of Johnny Depp. The statements of both the actors were submitted to the court by Johnny Depp's lawyers in which both of them openly talked about Johnny Depp's personality, his habits, and his character and called him a decent man.

After Johnny Depp's ex-girlfriends, Kate James, the actor's ex-wife's personal secretary, also submitted a statement in favor of the actor on May 18 last month. According to Amber Heard's secretary, she served as the actress's personal secretary for a long time, but she did not see her husband driving over her during her employment. She does not believe that Johnny Depp may have tortured Amber Heard.

The court accepted the statement submitted by the former employee of Amber Heard as important evidence in the case against the newspaper and the same case is scheduled to be heard next July.

However, before the hearing, the lawyers of The Sun newspaper have requested the court to dismiss the case filed by the actor.


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