The Bride Divorces on the Wedding Day

The Bride Divorces on the Wedding Day

Posted on Nov 25, 2019

Cairo: During a photoshoot at a civil wedding in Egypt, the bride divorced and took her back to Barat.

According to the Egyptian newspaper Albian, the young bride divorced the 28-year-old bride in front of the Baratis in a suburb of Egypt, saying that you spoke my mother. The bridegroom withdrew his baraat, while the bride's mother was in critical condition.
The Egyptian bride told the Albanian newspaper that the husband divorced me without knowing my whereabouts, I have been trying to contact him but no response has been received.

The groom, on the other hand, has taken the stand that I will not tolerate any ill-treatment of the mother, I have divorced and now she is trying to contact me for only the money which she has to pay for the court. Will fall

The bride has also filed a lawsuit in the court on the bride's reply, stating that this man is not worth living. The court has not yet set a date for trial.




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