The Announcement of Making a Sequel to the Banned Film 'Javed Iqbal'

The Announcement of Making a Sequel to the Banned Film 'Javed Iqbal'

Posted on Oct 14, 2022

It has been announced to make a sequel to the movie 'Javed Iqbal: The Untold Story, which has been banned in Pakistan and has not yet been released.

Yasir Hussain, the lead actor in the first film, shared the sequel's poster on Instagram and confirmed that the new film will be released in 2023.

He wrote in a short caption that his new film should be awaited, in which fans will be able to see the complete story.

In this regard, Abu Aliha, the director and writer of the first film, told Dawn Images that they are making the sequel film not for Pakistani cinema but for a global OTT platform, which will have more violence and gore than the previous film. There will be scenes.

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He said that this time he would neither go to Pakistani cinemas nor the film censor boards of Pakistan because he understood their blackmailing.

According to the filmmaker, all matters regarding the sequel film between him and the OTT platform have been settled, and he will not provide any further information in this regard.

Abu Aliha confirmed that the sequel would feature more violence and gore than the first film, while the budget of the new film will be double that of the first film, and it will be a better film.

He also confirmed that Yasir Hussain would play the lead role in the sequel but did not reveal anything about the other cast.


He said his book 'Javed Iqbal 2' is already available in the market, so he has decided to turn the same book into a movie so the audience can watch the new movie in 2023.

It should be noted that 'Javed Iqbal: The Untold Story of a Serial Killer was released in Pakistan in January this year, but it was banned two days before its release.

The film was initially banned by the Punjab government, after which the film's team postponed its release.

The legendary serial killer "Javed Iqbal Mughal" from Lahore, the capital of Punjab, is the subject of the movie's plot, which centers on his murders and court case. Javed Iqbal Mughal was responsible for the murder and rape of 100 kids.

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Javed Iqbal confessed to killing 100 children between 6 and 16 in a letter he sent to the police in 1999. He also acknowledged that he had murdered most of the kids. He was sliced into multiple pieces after being strangled.

In October 2001, Javed Iqbal Mughal committed suicide in a Lahore jail.

Although the said film has not yet been released in Pakistan, nor has its ban been lifted, it was screened at film festivals in the UK and Germany, where its story was well received.

Before the release of the same film in Pakistan, it was announced that the sequel would be released on a streaming website.

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