Taylor Swift has canceled all of her programs this year due to a coronavirus

Taylor Swift has canceled all of her programs this year due to a coronavirus

Posted on Apr 20, 2020

American pop singer, actress, and musician Taylor Swift, 30, has canceled all of her programs this year due to a coronavirus outbreak affecting 2.3 million people worldwide.

Religious events and gatherings, including shooting for movies, public events, sports competitions, and music festivals, have been postponed throughout the world where cities have been closed down due to the coronavirus that began in China in December 2019. 

In addition to Taylor Swift, many singers have postponed their music festivals, but they have postponed all of their scheduled shows this year, going one step further with other singers.

The 30-year-old singer promptly postponed all programs scheduled for 2020 in view of the Coronavirus precautions, news agency Associated Press (AP) said in its report.

According to the singer, many music festivals scheduled in different US cities and Brazil this year will no longer be in line with the Coronavirus precaution, and he and his team are sorry about the decision, but there is nothing more careful.


The singer's 16 festivals were to be held this year - Photo: Instagram
The singer and actress said that not all music festivals will be held this year, but the same programs will be held next year and a new schedule will be released at the end of 2020 in this regard.

Referring to the postponement of his year-long program, Taylor Swift also informed fans via tweet and told that those who purchased his Musical Festival tickets scheduled for this year will be replaced by tickets in 2021. 

The actress further explained that whoever wants to return the tickets for their scheduled programs, can still earn money by returning their purchased tickets after May 2020.

The actress has also released details on her website, according to which the singer has postponed nearly a half dozen music festivals.

Taylor Swift's music festival was supposed to be from June to August, but now, due to the Coronavirus, not all of their shows will be held this year, and the same shows will be held next year on a new schedule.



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