Tanveer Jamal Seriously Ill, Hospital Videos Go Viral

Tanveer Jamal Seriously Ill, Hospital Videos Go Viral

Posted on Jun 17, 2022

Senior actor Tanveer Jamal, who gained fame from Pakistani television (PTV) drama 'Janglos', has been admitted to a Japanese hospital in critical condition. 

Tanveer Jamal was diagnosed with cancer again in May last year, after which he moved to Japan and is now hospitalized with a serious illness. Videos of Tanveer Jamal's critically ill condition went viral on social media, in which he can be seen sitting in a wheelchair in a very weak condition. 

Tanveer Jamal

It can be seen in the video that Tanveer Jamal is having severe difficulty in breathing, due to which he has also put a gas mask on his face. 

The newspaper in its report quoted sources close to the actor as saying that he has been diagnosed with lung cancer, due to which he is also having difficulty in breathing. 

According to sources, Tanveer Jamal has been determined with stage four cancer and he has been undergoing treatment in Pakistan before moving to Japan. Tanveer Jamal also has Japanese citizenship and due to his family's stay there he goes to Japan every few months.

In 2016 Tanveer Jamal was at first diagnosed with cancer, but later recovered, but his health has been falling since last year. The news was circulating on social media last year that Tanveer Jamal had been diagnosed with cancer, but the actor and his family did not confirm such reports.

Tanveer Jamal

Tanveer Jamal started his career before 1990 with director Kazim Pasha's play 'Janglos' and he has already gained fame with the play. After the success of the first drama, Tanveer Jamal acted in several other popular PTV dramas, including Jinnah to Quaid, Samjhauta, Babar, Antha, Janam Jalli, and Jalte Suraj.

Tanveer Jamal

Created a unique identity. Tanveer Jamal has also worked in hotels and businesses in other countries, including Bahrain, Paris, Thailand and Japan, and he married a Japanese-born girl before his career began.

 Tanveer Jamal had said in an interview in 2021 that a Japanese girl had converted to Islam to marry him and the two had established a relationship before marriage. Tanveer Jamal had said that he had an affair with another Japanese girl before marriage but he could not marry her. Tanveer Jamal's family still lives in Japan.

Tanveer Jamal


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