Taliban Occupation, Prominent Personalities Pray for Afghanistan

Taliban Occupation, Prominent Personalities Pray for Afghanistan

Posted on Aug 17, 2021

The Taliban declared the war in Afghanistan to be finished after seizing possession of the presidential palace after entering Kabul and fleeing Afghan government officials.

The Taliban permitted fighters to enter Kabul after Afghan President Ashraf Ghani and a close friend fled the country, as Western nations continued to evacuate their citizens. Afghans were forced to escape the country after Ashraf Ghani resigned and the Taliban gained control, fearing for their future.

More information can be found here: 5 people dead in Kabul airport chaos Afghans have been frightened for their lives since the Taliban took control of Kabul, and Pakistanis have been praying for their Afghan brothers and sisters and expressing surprise at what is happening there.

While the general population is concerned about the situation in Afghanistan, other celebrities, including Showbiz, have taken to social media to vent their dissatisfaction. Malala Yousafzai, the world's youngest Nobel winner and human rights champion, remarked on Twitter, "We are profoundly outraged as the Taliban take power of Afghanistan."

She remarked, "I am deeply worried about women, human rights campaigners, and minorities." Malala said, "Global, local, and regional authorities must call for an immediate ceasefire, give emergency humanitarian aid, and take steps to safeguard refugees and civilians."

Asifa Bhutto, daughter of former Pakistani Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto, wrote on Twitter that she was following the terrible events in Afghanistan and that "the world has failed the men, women, and children of Afghanistan," and that "may God have mercy on Afghanistan."

Zara Peerzada, a model, expressed her dissatisfaction with the images taken at Kabul Airport. She stated, "Homeless folks are yearning to come to a safe location." According to RJ Sabah Bano Malik, people should help Afghanistan in the same way they help Kashmir and Palestine.

 "It's all in the hands of forces they don't want, in the hands of people who despise their dignity and judge them, depriving them of their basic human rights," he concluded. To put it another way, we're all on the verge of extinction. RJ Anusha Ashraf shared the BBC storey on Instagram, writing, "Shocking news is flooding out of Afghanistan."


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