Tahir Shah's New Song Farishta Viral on Social Media

Tahir Shah's New Song Farishta Viral on Social Media

Grabbing worldwide attention with his song 'Eye to Eye', singer Tahir Shah has released his new song 'Farishta' which has also gone viral on social media.

Tahir Shah's song 'Farishta' was released last night, after which both the singer's name and the song have been trending on social networking site Twitter.

Tahir Shah also announced the release of his song on Twitter.

And listening to their new song 'Farishta' sounds like it was inspired by their second song, 'Angel'.

It may be recalled that Tahir Shah had announced a few months ago that he would release his new song in March this year, after which he released the song in April instead of March.

Even if it was said that his new song, an Urdu translation of his old song 'Farishta', would not be wrong, the video of the song was animated showing a child who looks like the prince of a palace. He comes out of the palace thinking of a fairy.

Tahir Shah himself did not see into this video, however, he did say at the end of the video that 'Children are the Farishta of this world'.

There were also many interesting comments on Tahir Shah's song on Twitter.

One user wrote that after listening to Tahir Shah's song, the Farishtas will actually have this.

A user named Hamad wrote: 'Tahir Shah waited 4 years and released the Urdu version of his old song Angel? I was heartbroken to hear this. '

According to a user named Irfan, listening to this song not only blew their ears but also remove the Dirt.

According to Ahmed, 'wash your ears with detol'.

Another user wrote that 'Tahir Shah spent four years translating Angel and creating a Farishta'.

According to him, when they come out of Quarantine, they will forget how to dress and how to behave.

A user named Sabur advised the government to recite Tahir Shah's new song for those who were not sitting in the house during the lockdown.

It should be noted that Tahir Shah got fame when his song 'Eye to eye' went viral on social media, where many people criticized Tahir Shah where he was criticized.

Tahir Shah also participated in many famous shows in Pakistan. In April 2015, another song 'Angel' was released. This song was also discussed in social media and in Bollywood besides Pakistan. Both positive and negative feedback.

Tahir Shah has gained fame not only in Pakistan but worldwide, with his unique songs, Bollywood actors Ranveer Singh and Varna Dhawan have also released videos in imitation of their songs.



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