Students from Lahore organize an event

Students from Lahore organize an event

Students from Lahore organize an event
After the flood in the Punjab province, students from Lahore organized a poetry session in which then-famous poets participated.

All proceeds from this poem were to be spent on influencers flooding. That is, this poem was held under passion. The students were particularly excited about this.

Hafeez Jalandhari, who was also the creator of the national anthem, was chaired by the poet. It was unanimously agreed that the admission ticket at the auditorium would be issued for Rs. 25.

It was also decided that Poetry would have to buy a ticket with the general public who wanted to attend. So it was intended to keep everyone involved. The President's poem was also included in it.

Students arrived to invite Hafeez Jalandhari to a poetry recital and explained the details. He was very happy and gave his passion. Then ask, tell the names of the poem. Students put the list in front of them.

Hafeez Jalandhari looked at the list and smiled. The list also included the name of the rebel Kashmir.
Hafeez Jalandhari looked at the students and spoke.

What time has it been, Kum Bakht (the rebel) was taught tuition on two rupees a month, now he has to buy a ticket for Rs 25.



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