'Stop Stereotypes' Saba Qamar's Video Made on Wedding Become Popular

'Stop Stereotypes' Saba Qamar's Video Made on Wedding Become Popular

Leading actress Saba Qamar launched her YouTube channel a few months ago, through which she has released at least 5 videos so far, which have gained immense popularity. While Saba Qamar recently spoke on mental health in the fourth video released on YouTube, now in the fifth video released, she talks about stereotypes in the society and raises awareness about eradicating them. The video, titled 'Break the Stereotype', which is about 18 minutes long, deals with 4 different topics, but the most important one is the issue of marriage.

At the very beginning of the video, a short video about marriage shows Aunty Saba Qamar coming to her house in the absence of her mother and telling the actress how to have a relationship. How much do they charge? The video of the aunt who introduced the relationship is presented in a bold manner which tells Saba Qamar that if the girl is between the ages of 20 and 25, she will pay Rs 600,000 for the relationship while the girl between the ages of 26 and 30 will pay Rs. She charges only Rs 300,000 for a relationship.

Aunty Saba Qamar, who arranged the relationship, tells her that she arranges the relationship of a girl over 30 years of age for free because if a relationship is established with a girl above that age, it is a big deal and prayers are received from above. In the video, Aunty Saba Qamar, who has a relationship, is also told about the demands of the boys regarding marriage and says that most of the family’s demand that the girl should be from the family.

Saba Qamar gets angry when she hears the boy's request from her aunt and tells her that the boy's family does not even know the meaning of family. Her son is addicted to drugs but he wants such a girl. Who can do the work of a maid for them? The actress is seen in the video saying that most families want a daughter-in-law who, if she is educated, can work outside and feed them, and if she is not educated, she can work for them at home.

He conveyed the message in the video that stereotypes should be abolished and business should be denied in the name of marriage. The second part of the video shows a journalist listening to a lot of instructions from the boss of his production house due to being overweight and the boss keeps asking him to lose weight. The good thing about Saba Qamar's video was that where the video was told to break all the stereotypes prevalent in the society, get married, not a business, start the trends of Dam the Body Shamers, Talent Matters and Educate Your Minds. People were also told.


Saba qamar Damn the body shamers Stereotypes

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