South Korea's only female anchor to challenge male society

South Korea's only female anchor to challenge male society

Posted on Feb 20, 2020

The first female news anchor in South Korea, one of the world's developing countries and the world's 12th largest economy, is seen as a change in society.

South Korea is considered one of the countries in the world where Internet technology is developing rapidly, but women are still less important than men.

There are many women in the South Korean showbiz, drama, fashion and music industry and they are making their name known worldwide by their abilities, but there is a dearth of women in the field of journalism and especially on TV screens. But the women were never seen.

lee soo jeong

Lee So-Joeong is associated with a semi-government organization - Photo: AFP

What is even more striking is that while South Korea's new faces are gathering worldwide acclaim for music and fashion, there is a growing trend in South Korea for TV shows and politics. Men on the TV show the current status of male newsmen over the age of 45.

Now, however, South Korea's only news anchor and TV host is playing a role in changing the country's current affairs sector.

Yes, South Korean anchor TV host Lee So-Joeong is turning to domestic journalism, and especially to the TV screen, and people are watching his program fondly.

lee soo jeon

Lee So-Joeong hosts an important news and events program - Photo: AFP
According to French news agency AFP, South Korea's first news anchor and TV host, Lee So-Joeong, out of 7 on Saturday in the government-run TV channel 'Korean Broadcasting System' (KBS) Day Current Affairs Program

According to the report, the situation called 'Nine News' on Lee So-Joeong's BS offers a very important current program that is broadcast in prime time and the number of people watching the program is increasing rapidly every month.

Although Lee So-Joeong is not young, he is still younger and attractive than almost all the male anchors and hosts in South Korea.


Lee So-Joeong launches anchoring from November 2019 - Photo: AFP
South Koreans who have seen male gentlemen for many years on traditional political programs, current events, and most important events are happy to present these events in a unique way by a woman.

At the same time, Lee So-Joeong's presence on the screen also makes women working in South Korea look happy and they attribute this role to the future of women.

lee soo

Although Lee So-Joeong is not young, he is still younger than all-male anchors — Photo: AFP
Talking about being a host on her TV screen, Lee So-Joeong says she's under pressure as a first anchor, and she also accepts the challenge and tries to help other women through her process. Not to speak out, people should think about giving women opportunities.

Lee So-Joeong says she hopes her performance will give women reporting in the field of journalism a chance to come forward and also contribute to making a new history by talking about politics and current affairs on screen.


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