Sonu Nigam is Also Fascinated by the Voice of Hadia Hashmi

Sonu Nigam is Also Fascinated by the Voice of Hadia Hashmi

In the year 2019, when season 5 of Nice Cafe Basement started, her song 'Bol Ho' went viral on the internet in which 8-year-old Hadia's voice captivated her. And now Indian singer Sonu Nigam shared the song Bol Ho in the voice of Nanhi Hadia on social media and could not help but admire it.

"After many days, I have heard something good that this song has touched my heart," he said, praising the song and saying, "What a song, what a song and what a melody it is, it's great."

He said that this song is very powerful, Sonu Nigam appreciated the gift and thought band and also expressed good wishes for them. The Indian singer also admitted that the song was sent to him by Javed Jaffery and now for the first time he listened to the song carefully. It is believed that Bol Ho Gana appeared in Season 5 of Nice Cafe Basement and it featured the voice of an 8-year-old girl, Hadia, who captivated the audience.

The first song of the season 'Bol Ho' was a song by Pakistani music band Soch, sung by Hadia Hashmi and Soch Band singer Adnan. On the other hand, Zulfiqar Jabbar Khan (Zulfi), producer of Nice Cafe Basement, also thanked Sonu Nigam for his appreciation.

He said that this reaction of Sonu Nigam would not have matched the enthusiasm of Adnan, Rabi, and Hadia, now they will take their music dream further. Zulfi said that those who are associated with music should not let their dreams be weakened and he worked hard.

Producer Zulfi said that Sonu Nigam made a video while listening to the song, gave a message with so much love and that message is also of love which passed through his heart and soul after listening to this song.


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