Singer Komal Rizvi became a chef on YouTube

Singer Komal Rizvi became a chef on YouTube

Posted on May 15, 2020

Famous Pakistani singer and actress Komal Rizvi has announced the launch of her YouTube channel, but on her channel, fans will see her doing something else.

Komal Rizvi, who gained popularity with her singing, has a YouTube channel called 'Komal Kitchen' where she will teach her fans how to make delicious dishes.


The news was announced by Komal Rizvi on his Instagram account.

In her post, the singer wrote, "I have launched a new YouTube channel called Komal Kitchen and it has been released in the first installment."

According to Komal Rizvi, "If you want to make chicken qorma for weddings or homemade sheermal found in restaurants, or just want to know how I prepare dishes, then you must watch my videos." And don't forget to subscribe. "

The singer also said that she will share these videos on YouTube channel from Monday to Thursday.

Talking about his YouTube channel, Komal Rizvi said that he has been keen on cooking since he was very young but due to his music career he has never been able to focus on it.

"When I was 11 years old, I was reluctant to make pakoras and as a result, my whole face was burnt," he said.

According to the singer, "I was taken to London from Nigeria for facial treatment. Fortunately, I had first degree injuries. It took me 6 weeks to recover. I am obsessed with cooking."

It is believed that the government imposed a lockdown while taking precautionary measures against the corona virus
Meanwhile, Komal Rizvi shared several videos on her Instagram account in which she was seen preparing dishes, after which fans also asked her to make recipes for these dishes.

In this regard, Komal Rizvi said, "At that time, I thought where to tell the recipe of these dishes, I did not have a platform, now during the lockdown, I will do this show alone, where I will talk about my family. I will talk and teach cooking.

He also revealed that at the age of 21 he completed a diploma in Culinary Arts from London.

According to Komal Rizvi, "I was selected as the master chef of the United States in 2019 and I was among the 20 chefs selected for this program, but I am not a part of this show due to some issues due to my green card." Had to leave the show a day before the shooting started.


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