Silence of Celebrities on Flood Devastation is Surprising, Mehwish Hayat

Silence of Celebrities on Flood Devastation is Surprising, Mehwish Hayat

Posted on Sep 6, 2022

Actress Mehwish Hayat has expressed her surprise over the failure of Bollywood celebrities to express their regrets over the flood disasters in Pakistan and said that trouble has no religion or nationality.

Mehwish Hayat seems to be moving on from the devastation of the recent floods and is busy with international organizations to collect donations for the victims.

Mehwish Hayat appealed to the world community and organizations for assistance and restoration for the Pakistani flood victims a few days ago.

She has now voiced her dissatisfaction with Bollywood celebrities for remaining silent about Pakistan's flood catastrophe.

Mehwish Hayat expressed her surprise at the silence of Bollywood personalities while commenting on the tweet of Haroon Rasheed, a journalist of the British Broadcasting Corporation 'BBC' Asian Network.

A few days ago, Haroon Rasheed expressed surprise in his tweet that the big personalities of Bollywood are silent on the devastating floods in Pakistan.

He had written that humanity has no borders; Bollywood personalities did not say a single word about the flood disaster in Pakistan, which is sad.

Other people and personalities also commented on his tweet and expressed regret over the silence of Bollywood personalities, while Mehwish Hayat also commented on his tweet.

Mehwish Hayat wrote in her comment that the silence of Bollywood personalities on the disaster of floods is surprising because trouble has no religion, race, or color; it can strike anyone at any time.

The actress wrote that it was a great opportunity for Bollywood celebrities to win the hearts of their Pakistani fans by writing about the flood disasters.

The actress further wrote that Bollywood personalities had a great opportunity to write some words for the flood victims to prove that they value Pakistani fans more than nationalism.

Mehwish Hayat complained that all Pakistanis suffered because Bollywood personalities did not write anything about such a huge disaster.



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