Showbiz Personalities Happy on Mahira Khan's Return to Small Screen

Showbiz Personalities Happy on Mahira Khan's Return to Small Screen

Posted on Aug 2, 2021

'Superstar' actress Mahira Khan has returned to the small screen after almost 6 years with 'Hum Kahan Ke Sachy Thy', on which her close showbiz personalities including her fans are also looking happy. While her fans cheered on Mahira Khan's return to the small screen through 'Hum Kahan Ke Sachy Thy', other personalities including director Mohammad Ehteshamuddin and actress Noshin Shah also worked with her. 

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On the actress' return to dramas, filmmaker and director Mohammad Ehteshamuddin shared an appreciative Instagram story for her, in which he also declared himself a fan of Mahira Khan. The director praised Mahira Khan and called her not only the best and magical actress but also the favorite of millions of people.

Mohammad Ehteshamuddin wrote in his story that he does not care what other people think and think about the actress but he will always be proud of her. While praising the actress, the filmmaker wrote the names of her well-known characters and said that if Mahira Khan had not worked hard, we would not have been so famous for her other characters including Safar Khard and Shahr-e-Zat Falak. Would be

The director congratulated Mahira Khan on her return through 'Hum Kahan Ke Sachey Thee' and wished her well for the play, calling her a role model for many and a fan of the actress.

Mohammad Ehteshamuddin's actress Nausheen Shah also expressed happiness over Mahira Khan's return to the small screen and best wishes for the entire drama team including her. Nausheen Shah also wrote while bridging the gap of praise for the actress that she watches the teasers of the play and as an actor she can understand how difficult the role played by Mahira Khan is, because there are many forms of her character.

He termed the performance of Mahira Khan as magic and at the same time expressed good wishes for the entire team of the drama including him and also mentioned the other cast in the story. It may be recalled that the play based on Umera Ahmad novel was directed by Farooq Rind and produced by Nina Kashif and Momina Duraid.

The main story of the play revolves around three characters who face many problems due to the complexities of relationships, social problems and misunderstandings, which leads to bitterness between them, as well as the traumas they experience in childhood and The wrong leadership of the elders also causes difficulties in their lives.

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In the said play, Mahira Khan is playing the role of 'Mehreen Mansoor', kubra Khan is playing the role of 'Mashal' and Usman Mukhtar is playing the role of 'Aswad'. Prior to this play, Mahira Khan last appeared on the small screen in the popular romantic drama 'Bin Roye' of 2015, which was also presented in the form of a film in 2016.

For the past six years, Mahira Khan has been away from dramas, although she has appeared on TV in commercials and at awards shows.


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