Showbiz Personalities Angry Over Rains in Karachi

Showbiz Personalities Angry Over Rains in Karachi

Posted on Aug 27, 2020

On the second day of the sixth spell of monsoon across Sindh including Karachi, heavy rains along with strong winds had disrupted life and floods in different parts of the city including the province.

As a result of yesterday's rains, 3 youths were killed while small drains of the city were boiled while the floodwaters due to flooding in the rivers forced the residents to take shelter or move on the roofs.

The floodwaters caused a breach in the Sikhan river dam near Quaidabad, while a gate of the Dada Bhai dam on the Malir river at the confluence of Mahmoodabad and PESH was opened, flooding the surrounding population. People across the city are suffering due to the situation created by the torrential rains, while the provincial government had declared a rain emergency in Sindh yesterday.

While the people seem to be dissatisfied with the Sindh government, showbiz personalities also expressed anger over the drowning of Karachi as a result of rains. Yasir Hussain wrote in his Instagram story that Karachi has been ruined by all together, Hussain is a city and it has been turned into a garbage dump.

He also uploaded pictures of the situation arising out of the rain in Karachi in various stories and wrote that the conspiracy that has been flourishing for a long time has drowned my city. On the other hand, Shanira Akram, wife of cricketer Wasim Akram, posted a video of the streets in front of the pond in a tweet on the social networking site Twitter.

At the same time, he wrote, 'Diseases such as electric shock, drowning, irreparable damage to property, toxicity, hepatitis, typhoid, the spread of polio, dengue and malaria; how is Karachi not in a state of emergency?

Responding to Akram's tweet, Fakhr Alam wrote that Karachi is in a state of isolation, surprising everyone that the country's largest city has been declining over time.

Fakhr Alam further wrote that as a citizen I say without any political bias that it is almost as if the citizens of Karachi have left him alone. In addition, RJ and actor Ali Safina said that instead of complaining, we should all spread some positivity.

"Greetings to all the citizens of Karachi who are helping the people stranded on the streets, delivering people safely to their loved ones," he wrote.

Ali Safina also wrote that people are not doing this because it is their duty but because they care. On the other hand, actor Dr Fahad Mirza had gone to the hospital on duty but his car sank on his way back from the hospital. In his various videos, he said that it is very embarrassing, I went to NMC to operate and on the way back my car sank.

"It's the biggest city in Pakistan and a surgeon can't come back from work, it's very embarrassing," he said.

It may be recalled that the former captain of the Pakistan cricket team and famous all-rounder Shahid Afridi had expressed regret over the worst situation in Karachi due to record rains and said that keeping quiet now would be a criminal silence.

In a statement on social networking site Twitter, Shahid Afridi had said, "Silence on the situation in Karachi now is a criminal silence, tears of blood are shed."


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