Showbiz Figures Oppose Possible Ban on YouTube in the Country

Showbiz Figures Oppose Possible Ban on YouTube in the Country

Posted on Jul 24, 2020

During the hearing on the presence of objectionable material on social media and web streaming websites, Justice Qazi Amin, a member of the judicial bench, had remarked that we have no problem with freedom of expression, we are paid with public money, for our performance. And the public has the right to speak out on decisions, but our families are not forgiven on social media and YouTube.

At the same time, Justice Mushir Alam, a member of the bench, had remarked that anti-US and anti-EU material should be posted on YouTube. YouTube is closed in many countries. Justice Qazi Amin had asked whether the FIA ​​and PTA had seen what was happening on YouTube. How many people were prosecuted for such crimes?

On this, the PTA officials had told the court that we cannot remove individual content, we can only report. After a court bench questioned the presence of objectionable material on YouTube, there were fears that the court might ban the web streaming website. Following the court remarks, the trend of Twitter Po (YouTube Bean) also topped on July 22 and 23 and many people expressed their concerns over the possible closure of the web streaming website.

While ordinary people have expressed their views on the possible ban of YouTube, showbiz personalities have also come out in support of YouTube. Leading actress Mehwish Hayat wrote in her tweet about the possible closure of YouTube and asked in surprise that YouTube is really going to be banned?

Mehwish Hayat wrote in his tweet asking that after this Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Netflix, and even WhatsApp will also be shut down? The actress wrote in her tweet that giving freedom of expression is an important aspect of any society and in our country, the real facts of any issue come to light only through social media instead of central media. At the same time, she wrote that progressive states do not need sanctions.

Actor Aijaz Aslam also tweeted his opinion on the possible closure of YouTube because the accounts uploading objectionable content should be closed. Like him, actress and model Zara Noor Abbas also tweeted about the possible ban of YouTube and she also opposed the ban on web streaming.

Zara Noor Abbas wrote in a tweet that many people who create good content are earning their livelihood through YouTube.



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