Showbiz Diary: Anger of Kangana, Whose return was on the screen & Salman Khan

Showbiz Diary: Anger of Kangana, Whose return was on the screen & Salman Khan

Posted on Jun 5, 2020

Protests in the United States continue after a black man was killed by a white police officer. On this occasion when important personalities from all over the world expressed their views on social media, some of the big stars of Bollywood also tried to show sympathy and they were trolled.

Priyanka Chopra, also known as Pardesi Girl, was at the forefront of these big names. Along with Deepika Padukone, Disha Patani, Tiger Sharoof, Karan Johar, Kareena Kapoor, there are many names.

Priyanka wrote on her Twitter handle in a very emotional way that it is not fair to kill someone just because of their color. People on social media did not like the fact that why don't these Bollywood personalities speak out against social injustice in their own country?

As far as the rights of black people are concerned, some users tagged Priyanka Chopra's advertisements advising her to apply whitening cream and others on the ongoing sectarianism and alleged social injustices in India. There is no doubt that it is important to speak out against human rights violations, wherever they may be. Moreover, when Deepika Padukone arrived in Delhi to express her solidarity with the students of Jamia University, she was punished by announcing a boycott of her film 'Chhapak'.

But actress Kangana Ranaut slammed all these personalities, citing the example of a sadhu killed by a mob in India, saying that in such cases people remain silent.

Kangana says this is a double standard for Bollywood, perhaps just as Kangana's sister Rangoli recently made sectarian and provocative tweets against Indian Muslims, after which her Twitter account was blocked. At that time, Kangana did not consider it necessary to crush her sister when she spewed poison against a particular sect.

Actor Abhay Deol also expressed similar views, saying that the people of Bollywood are in favor of what is happening in the United States, but what is happening with the workers in the lockdown in India no one spoke openly about it.

Sushmita is back on the screen

Former Hasina Kainat Sushmita Sen is turning to movies after a long time but with a web series. Giving a glimpse of a new series 'Arya' on Instagram, he wrote “You called and we came”. Sushmita last appeared on the big screen in 2015 in the Bengali film “Narbak”.

The trailer for the series is set to release on June 5. Even though Sushmita has been away from movies, she is in constant touch with her fans through social media. Recently, Sushmita was seen reciting a verse from the Quran in a live session with her fans on social media.

Salman Khan started the path of Himesh Reshammiya

Actor Salman Khan once mocked his student and friend Hamesh Reshammiya and said that why he wants to do all the food, song, acting, music, writing production by himself. Today, Salman himself has followed the same path. He is a hero as well as a producer, he also sings, writes and paints, and now he is writing a story on which he himself IS the producer.

Let's assume that being the son of writer Saleem Khan, he has the talent to write a story, but don't stop the earnings of others by doing the rest.


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