Shehryar Munawar Revealed to Have Undergone Surgery After the Accident

Shehryar Munawar Revealed to Have Undergone Surgery After the Accident

Posted on Oct 6, 2020

Leading actor Sheheryar Munawar Siddiqui had been away from social media for some time and now he has revealed that it was due to a traffic accident. In an Instagram post, the actor said that he was injured in an accident on his way to Hunza from Gilgit on a motorcycle a few months ago.

Sharing various photos of the trip on a motorcycle from the hospital, surgery videos, fractures, and post-surgery photos on Instagram, he wrote: Why am I not active on social media, for which I apologize first. "Two months ago, Hunza was traveling on a motorbike from Gilgit when his shoulder was badly injured and I went to London for surgery," he said.

"I had an operation a month and a half ago and thanks to the doctors, the bandage has been removed and my shoulder is fully moving," he said. He advised his fans that a motorcycle is a good ride but it is also dangerous to wear full safety gear while traveling on it.

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So I’ve been getting a lot of messages from from my facebook/Instagram family asking why I have been Inactive for the past two months. Well firstly, I apologize for being MIA. So about two months back I had taken a trip up North, and while ridding my motorbike from Gilgit to Hunza I got into an accident (may I just ad, right before the accident, I witnessed the most beautiful sunset and that Hunza is just 😍). If it wasn’t for my helmet/protective gear it could have been much worse - kids take note; 1. Motorcycles are cool but very dangerous 2. Always wear full protective gear. I had seriously messed up my shoulder (a dislocation, torn muscles and ligaments) and had to fly to London for surgery. I was operated upon a month and a half back and thanks to my amazing surgeon, DR Ali Noorani @theshouldersurgeon Allhdulillah I am now out of my sling and fully mobile and up to no good again 😁 A shout out to the amazing team at the @harleystreetspecialisthosp who made the entire process super smooth. Sequence of pictures: 1. Just out of surgery (still high on whatever cocktail they gave me) 2. An X-ray of my shoulder prior to the surgery 3. Dr. Noorani explaining what he’s doing (this ones graphic - don’t proceed if you don’t want to see it) 4. Some drilling (again graphic content) 5. What my shoulder looks like now - I’m basically like Iron Man now. 6. A video a friend of mine made of me, riding right before my accident. *some of the content may be considered graphic - viewer discretion advised.

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It may be recalled that Sheheryar Munawar started his career in 2012 with the TV drama Mere Dard Jo Jo Maale, after which he appeared in dramas like Lonely New Series, Kahi In Kahi and Zindagi Gulzar Hai. He has also acted in films like Ho Man Jahan, 7 Days of Love, Project Ghazi, and Beyond Hit Lo.

In March last year, she got engaged to a doctor named Hala Soomro, but in an interview in October 2019, she revealed that the engagement was over. In the interview, the actor said, "I told my mother that once I got engaged at your request and you ended it, but this time I will choose the girl I want to marry."

However, the actor also said in the interview that 'hints are enough for the wise', and he would not want to talk about it.


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