Sharmeen Obaid Chennai Announces Plan to Support Women Filmmakers

Sharmeen Obaid Chennai Announces Plan to Support Women Filmmakers

Sharmeen Obaid Chanay, one of Pakistan's highest civilian awards and the world's most prestigious Oscar-winning filmmaker, has announced plans to provide financial and technical assistance to the country's new female filmmakers.

Sharmeen Obaid Chanay has announced a new project (Patakha Picture) under the banner of her film production company (SOC) Films, which will provide financial and technical support to women filmmakers across Pakistan. Announcing the project through their social media posts, the Oscar and Emmy-winning filmmaker said that Patakha Picture would help new female filmmakers across Pakistan.

According to the filmmaker, the project will support women filmmakers across Pakistan with up to 40 minutes of documentary, feature, animated and live action films. More information on the announced project will be released by September next year, while women filmmakers will be asked to submit applications by October 2021, and women filmmakers selected by January 2020 will be announced.

Women filmmakers selected for financial and technical assistance will be provided with all kinds of support, including training in script development and production. Sharmeen Obaid Chennai has not clarified how many women filmmakers will be selected in the first batch under the scheme and how much financial assistance will be provided to the filmmakers.

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It was also not clear whether women film makers could apply for a local language film, series or documentary under the scheme. The plan to provide financial and technical assistance to women filmmakers is expected to be further clarified by the end of September. Even before the Patakha Picture project, Sharmeen Obaid Chanay had announced a multimedia project called 'White in the Flag' in March this year to highlight the issues of minorities.

The White in the Flag project features documentaries, articles and legal information on minority issues and their rights. In addition to the project, Sharmeen Obaid Chanay has introduced a number of projects for women's rights, including social and cultural issues.

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He founded his own film production company after winning his first Oscar in 2012, followed by a second Oscar in 2016 and six Emmy Awards. Sharmeen Obaid Chennai was also awarded Hilal Imtiaz by the Government of Pakistan in 2012 for his services.


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