Shamoon Abbasi Says Mehwish Hayat Did Not Get the "Medal of Distinction."

Shamoon Abbasi Says Mehwish Hayat Did Not Get the "Medal of Distinction."

Posted on Jan 26, 2022

Leading actor, writer, producer and director Shamoon Abbasi has said that Mehwish Hayat did not get one of the highest civil awards for his "Medal of Distinction".

Mehwish Hayat was awarded the "Medal of Distinction" by the Government of Pakistan in 2019, given to various personalities for their services.

Before the actress was awarded the Medal of Distinction, several other people had also made controversial remarks before Shamoon Abbasi, to which Mehwish Hayat had also given a clear answer.

Shamoon Abbasi recently spoke openly on other issues, including awarding the Medal of Excellence to Mehwish Hayat on the show 'Waha Wala Show' and talked about his ex-wife Humaima Malick and sister Anusha Abbasi and daughter Anzeela Abbasi along with Jawariya Abbasi.

Shamoon Abbasi claimed in the program that he introduced Neelam Munir and Humayun Saeed in showbiz.

Shamoon Abbasi said that Humayun Saeed became famous only after working with him in telefilms and managed to take his place, but now he has come a long way, and after reaching the top, he should also look down and Help those who were with them but are now behind them.

Speaking during the program, he also claimed that Khalil-ur-Rehman Qamar had approached him to work in a film on Indian pilot Abhinandan, but he apologized for the work.

The actor said that Khalil-ur-Rehman Qamar wanted to make a comedy film on Indian pilot Abhinandan.

During the program, he also talked about his ex-wife Hamima Malik and said that she had fallen ill due to appendicitis a few months back, due to which she is a little worried and at the same time advised her to focus on acting.

He also advised his sister Anusha Abbasi to work hard for a career in showbiz and, at the same time, said that his sister follows his advice.

Shamoon Abbasi advised his daughter Anzeela Abbasi to quit acting and try her luck in singing as she is a good singer.

He did not give any advice to his ex-wife Jawariya Abbasi and said that now they are so old that they cannot provide any advice to each other.

When asked about Mahira Khan, Shamoon Abbasi said that he respects her very much; she is a hardworking actress, he would not want to give her any advice.

The actor also spoke on the issue of Meesha Shafi and Ali Zafar and said that the singer ruined Ali Zafar's career. Now whenever he performs in a concert, slogans are chanted.

At the same time, he said that he had worked a lot with Mesha Shafi instead of Ali Zafar.

In response to a question during the program, Shamoon Abbasi praised Mehwish Hayat and said that he has now made his place in the showbiz, but at the same time advised him to work harder.

Shamoon Abbasi explained that Mehwish Hayat got the 'Medal of Distinction' not because of his acting but because of his personality, so he needs to work harder on acting.

According to the actor, Mehwish Hayat is not being made to work after the award is given, so he should also be made to act, and he needs to work harder in acting.


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