Shaista Lodhi also Became a 'Poet'

Shaista Lodhi also Became a 'Poet'

A new video of host and actress Dr. Shaista Lodhi, who is gaining fame by introducing innovative ideas during Morning Shows in Pakistan, is going viral on social media.

In this video, Humble is in a beautiful place, where she is giving fans touching lyrics.

In his video, the famous Pakistani poet Mohsin Naqvi appears to be singing 'تمہیں کس نے کہا تھا'.

He also wrote the full lyrics in his video caption.

تمہیں کس نے کہا تھا

دوپہر کے گرم سورج کی طرف دیکھو

اور اتنی دیر تک دیکھو

کہ بینائی پگھل جائے

تمہیں کس نے کہا تھا

آسماں سے ٹوٹتی اندھی الجھتی بجلیوں سے دوستی کر لو

اور اتنی دوستی کر لو

کہ گھر کا گھر ہی جل جائے

تمہیں کس نے کہا تھا

ایک انجانے سفر میں

اجنبی رہرو کے ہمرا دور تک جاؤ

اور اتنی دور تک جاؤ

کہ وہ رستہ بدل جائے

Speaking of career, Shaista Lodhi ruled the TV world for more than a decade.

Shaista Lodhi hosted other shows including 'Good Morning and Jago Pakistan' and increased the rating of the shows by introducing new trends in these shows.

Other TV channels have seen new shows in the morning, as well as new trends.

There are still a large number of polite Lodhi fans in Pakistan and they show up on social media as well as online web streaming YouTube, but they do not appear on any TV channel anymore.


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