Shahid Afridi becomes the father of a fifth daughter

Shahid Afridi becomes the father of a fifth daughter

Posted on Feb 18, 2020

KARACHI: Former Pakistan Cricket team's all-rounder Shahid Afridi becomes the father of a fifth daughter.

Shahid Afridi shared his happiness with his fans on social media.

He shared the gospel with his four daughters in group photos.

Shahid Afridi said, "Allah has numerous blessings on me. After four admirable daughters, Allah has blessed me with a fifth daughter, praise Allah."

He said he was sharing the good news with his loved ones.

It should be noted that Shahid Afridi was married to Nadia Shahid in the year 2000.

They have four daughters - Aqsa, Anisha, Ajwah and Asmara.

By the way, Shahid Afridi doesn't seem to talk much about his personal life or family, but many photos and videos with his family on social media go viral.

Remember that this year Shahid Afridi's biography 'Game Changer' was also revealed.

Through this book, Shahid Afridi declared that "for social and religious reasons I decided that my daughters would not participate in public sports activities and Their mother agreed with me."

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The statement was followed by severe criticism from the player.

Nevertheless, Shahid Afridi wrote on the tweet that he could make decisions for his daughters as a father.


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