Semi-nude photos of Hollywood actresses are selling to raise funds for Corona

Semi-nude photos of Hollywood actresses are selling to raise funds for Corona

Posted on Jun 9, 2020

While governments around the world have announced special funds for the public to deal with Corona, celebrities from other sectors, including showbiz, are also raising funds to help the poor affected by the epidemic.

Showbiz and fashion personalities from the United States to India and Pakistan to the United Kingdom are raising funds to help people affected by Corona through various programs, including various online shows. And such funds are also being distributed to the victims through social organizations.

A unique fundraising program has also been launched by Hollywood filmmaker and well-known photographer Slager in association with social organizations, which will raise money by selling 25 pictures of different actors. According to the British newspaper The Independent, the photos taken by Mark Slager will be sold, including a semi-nude photo of famous actress Jennifer Aniston taken in 1995.

Of the 25 photos that will be sold to raise funds to deal with Corona, most are semi-nude and some are completely nude. Jennifer Aniston also shared a video in this regard in her Instagram post and said that a picture of her is also for sale.

The actress was happy to present her semi-nude photo for sale under Corona Funds and said that the proceeds from the sale of the photos would be donated to a free Corona testing organization. The photos will be offered for sale online and the photos will be sold by the same organization for which the money was to be paid. However, the organization will be assisted by two other organizations in selling the photos.

Jennifer Aniston's semi-nude photo being sold was taken in 1995 during her popular TV series Friends, in which she is semi-nude. Jennifer Aniston's photo has an initial cost of US $ 6,500, it means more than 1 million Pakistani rupees.

Similarly, 24 semi-nude and nude photos of other actresses will also be sold during the campaign and all proceeds from their sale will be donated to a charity.


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