Saudi women make history by playing cards with male for the first time

Saudi women make history by playing cards with male for the first time

For the first time in Saudi Arabia, women not only made money by playing cards with strangers but surprisingly, women defeated experts male players in the early stages.

This is the first time that women have been allowed to participate in a card game tournament, before which only male gentlemen were eligible to participate in the tournament.

Card games are popular in all Gulf countries, including Saudi Arabia, and women play cards at home.

Most young women have been playing cards at home with their parents and brothers, and for this reason, women, like men in Saudi Arabia, have become experts in the game.

card game

Young women also beat experts male players - Photo: Reuters
Last month, Saudi Arabia's Entertainment Authority confirmed that for the first time ever, women will be allowed to play in this tournament, and now dozens of female players have shown high card playing cards in this tournament. 

According to the news agency Reuters, about two dozen teams of women are participating in this year's Tash Championship and women's teams are also competing against men's teams.

According to the report, several women's teams also qualified for the next round by defeating the men's team in the preliminary round, but many women's teams could not make it to the next round of the tournament.

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The tournament also featured many young girls - Photo: Reuters
The Tash tournament began in the first week of February and will continue until February 22.

About the same tournament, Arab News reported in its report that a total of 520 teams participated in the card tournament, while around 18,000 players will present their game in the tournament.

Each team in the card tournament will consist of 2 players and the winning team will go to the next stage.

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Dozens of teams compete at the same time in the tournament — Photo: Reuters
In all, over 8,000 different playing cards will be presented in the tournament, and only 4 teams that win in these games will be awarded major prizes.

A total of two million rival prizes will be distributed among the four teams reaching the final of the tournament.

The first position will be given 1 million rials, while the second position will be given 5 lakh rials, the third position team will receive 3 lakh rials and the fourth position team will receive 2 lac rials.

saudi woman

Young girls' skills amaze everyone - Photo: Twitter


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