Saudi woman scholar's unique business

Saudi woman scholar's unique business

Saudi woman scholar's unique business

Riyadh: Saudi women are gaining momentum in all walks of life, such is Fouzia Zahrani, a woman who is running a unique business of coffee being a scholar.

According to the Saudi website, Fouzia Al-Zahrani has taken a business management course and, despite receiving a lectureship at the University of Al Baha, she preferred coffee making.

Fouzia said, "I was always thinking of doing something unique that would serve the community and bring halal provision to my home." Meanwhile, I came up with the idea of making coffee and making a variety of sweets.

According to her, she has developed a shop of coffee and sweets that can be described as a combination of modern and ancient.

Fouzia said she returned from the United States in 2015, where she worked in medical centres and commercial centres in the United States. "My purpose was not to do business or make money in America, but to gain experience."

she took advantage of a loan scheme to open and decorate her own variety of coffee and sweets shop. About her business, she says that beautiful addition to the decoration of a coffee can be done by the person who tastes it.

Fouzia has sent a message to other Saudi women that they should come forward not only in this field but also in other business sectors, 'If anyone wants me for help and guidance, I will definitely guide them'.


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