Sania Mirza lost 26kg in 4 months after childbirth

Sania Mirza lost 26kg in 4 months after childbirth

Tennis star Sania Mirza talked in an Instagram post about the journey of weight loss after the birth of a son.

He posted on Instagram posting overweight and recent photos of '89k vs 63, we all have our own set goals, which include every day goals and long term goals, to help me achieve that goal. It took months, after which I became healthy and fit after my son's birth, it seemed like it took a long time to regain fitness and be able to return to tennis competitions at the highest level again. Follow dreams, no matter what people say, if I can do it, anyone can do it. '

Sania Mirza's son was born in October 2018, two months after she started trying to lose weight.

He mentioned the efforts to reduce body weight in an Instagram post in September 2019.

In a video shared on Instagram, he revealed, 'Everyone is asking me how I lost weight. I've been recording my weight loss process since the birth of my son, which I am now sharing with fans, I gained 23kg during pregnancy, and now I have lost 26kg. " ۔

"If we give ourselves an hour or two every day and exercise, it will make a very positive difference," he wrote.

Sania wrote in one of her posts, "Every day I read messages sent by women that say it is very difficult for them to lose weight after childbirth, I just want to tell them if If I can, you can too. '

Remember that Sania Mirza was married to Shoaib Malik, former captain of the Pakistani cricket team in April 2010.

After the wedding, the couple decided to stay in Dubai jointly, but they also spent several days together in India and Pakistan.

Although the couple's permanent residence is located in Dubai, Shoaib and Sania live mostly in their respective countries due to their professional engagement.


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