Sanam Marvi Announced to Return in Singing Just After 1 Day of Announcing to Quit Singing

Sanam Marvi Announced to Return in Singing Just After 1 Day of Announcing to Quit Singing

Leading Sufi singer Sanam Marvi announced her retirement from singing on June 23 after a domestic dispute, but on June 24 she announced her return to singing. Sanam Marvi's decision to quit singing was announced when her step-sister singer Reshma Parveen lodged a complaint with the police against her.

Reshma Parveen released a short video statement in the Sindhi language on June 22, claiming that her sister Sanam Marvi broke into her house with private guards and tortured her. In the nearly 2-minute video, Reshma Parveen claimed that Sanam Marvi broke into her house and tortured her and threatened to kill her because she knew about their third marriage. Reshma Parveen claimed that Sanam Marvi had married a boy named Kabib Nawaz after divorcing Hamid Khan in February.

After her step-sister's video went viral, Sanam Marvi told Sindhi News Channel (Times-News) that she would quit singing in the next 15 to 20 days. Sanam Marvi had said emotionally that when her family became her enemies and her property and money were the cause of her disputes, she was not interested in working further in such a field. Sanam Marvi linked her family feud to controversy among fans, saying that one of the reasons for her quitting singing was her character assassination by Sindhi fans.

The singer had claimed that after the family feud came to light, Sindh fans were using inappropriate language against her and she did not want to sing anymore. Sanam Marvi also claimed that Sindh fans always played her character while other fans across Pakistan respected her. Some fans were angry with Sanam Marvi for linking the family dispute with her fans in Sindh and said that Sanam Marvi was given her first love and fame by the people of Sindh and the singer was severely criticized.

After which the singer released a video and apologized to all the fans of Sindh for her behavior and to celebrate the fans she also announced to sing. Sanam Marvi, in a video released on her Facebook page in about 7 and a half minutes in the Sindhi language, explained the announcement of quitting music yesterday, saying that her intention was to say that the people of Sindh did not listen to her statement. Began to criticize, which angered him and he announced to quit music.

In the explanatory video, Sanam Marvi became emotional while talking about her family affairs and said that after divorcing her husband, she has not seen her children yet and she is fighting this war just to see a glimpse of them.

Sanam Marvi apologized to the fans of Sindh and said that if the name of heroine Marvi of Sindh was removed from her name, she would be nothing and she could not even think of saying bad things to the fans of Sindh.

The singer told the fans that she had criticized the Sindhi fans who were defaming her by calling her a liar even before her statement and because of the actions of a few such people, she got angry and started singing. Announced to leave.


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