Sanam Chaudhry Explained the Reason for Withdrawing From Showbiz

Sanam Chaudhry Explained the Reason for Withdrawing From Showbiz

Posted on Sep 25, 2020

Pakistani actress Sanam Chaudhry, who temporarily withdrew from the showbiz industry after her marriage, hinted to fans that she would return to showbiz, saying she would appear on the small screen after the birth of two children.

During a question and answer session on social media site Instagram, a fan of Sanam Chaudhry asked him why he has stopped appearing in dramas. On which the actress said that even married life had to be given time, that is why she has temporarily separated from showbiz.

One fan asked how long do you plan to return to the TV screen? Asked about his return to dramas, he wrote that after having two children, he also added emojis to people from four families.

In response to the actress's response, social media users say that the actress is expected to have twins soon, after which the actress will return to the TV screen.

It may be recalled that last year actress Sanam Chaudhry was married to Punjabi singer Somi Chauhan. It should be noted that Sanam Chaudhry not only showed the essence of acting in many TV dramas but also acted in a film.

Sanam Chaudhry made her TV debut with the 2013 drama Ishq Hamari Galiyon Mein, while the actress has acted in successful dramas such as Aasmaan Pe Lakha, Bhool, Ghar Tatli Ka Pravar and Mir Abro.


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