Sajal Ali Succeeded in Winning the Arab Award

Sajal Ali Succeeded in Winning the Arab Award

Leading actress Sajal Aly became the first Pakistani actress to win the annual Distinguished International Arab Festival Award (DIAFA). The DIAFA Award is given by the organization that hosts the renowned Arab Film Festival Beirut International Film Festival. The award was launched in 2017 and this year its fourth annual festival was held in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE).

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The festival is held every year in different Arab countries and states and in it, not only Arab actors, artists, models, and other showbiz personalities are given awards, but also other popular actors in the Arab world are given this award. This year's DIAFA awards were given to Pakistani actress Sajal Ali, American singer Evita Mokoshiyan, Sudanese filmmaker Amjad Abu Alla, Morakin-born Dutch fashion designer Laila Aziz and other actors, singers, and other showbiz personalities.

The DIAFA Awards ceremony was held in Dubai on the night of November 29, in which the singers scatter their heads and made the ceremony last for four months. Sajal Aly was also awarded the DIAFA Award for her outstanding performance and became the first Pakistani actress to win the award.

Sajal Ali shared the photo of winning the DIAFA Award on Instagram, calling the award an honor not only for himself but also for the country and the nation. Sajal Aly's fans congratulated him on winning the Arab Award, while several showbiz personalities also expressed good wishes for him.


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