Raveena Tandon Praised Pakistan

Raveena Tandon Praised Pakistan

In India, anti-Pakistan news stories are being read where BJP government and RSS organizations propagating Hindutva ideology continue to criticize Pakistan and Muslims for a day, however one And the news has come from India, where former beauty actress Raveena Tandon praised Pakistan.

Bollywood actress Raveena Tandon could not remain praised by the Indian Prime Minister despite the poisonous propaganda against Modi by Pakistan.

In a tweet on Twitter, the actress mentioned the news about the Indian aircraft in which the flight from Oman Airlines to Muscat, India, was struck by lightning and the pilot senses were overturned, followed by Pakistani air traffic. The controller had a great deal of help in flying the accidentally.

 The actress said that when such an event happens, humanity wins rather than socialized. The actress further wrote that the air traffic controller of Pakistan saved the plane from a major accident.


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