Rashid Mahmood announces not to work for PTV

Rashid Mahmood announces not to work for PTV

Posted on Sep 15, 2020

Senior Pakistani actor Rashid Mahmood has announced that he will not work for Pakistan Television (PTV) after sending a check for Rs 620. Remember that Rashid Mahmood is one of the senior actors in Pakistan's film and TV industry. In a video statement issued in this regard, actor Rashid Mahmood had said that he has been living in every house in Pakistan for the last four decades.

"Everyone is aware of what I have done for the country and I am like an open book," he said. Rashid Mahmood said that he has not done any work on PTV for 2 years but the government has stopped all the work so our work is also closed. The actor further said that in the days of Muharram, PTV Lahore had invited me to recite the elegy and I found out that the elegy is a genre that not everyone can read.

He said that I had recorded the obituary and he had also left but now after two years his check came and my fee in it is Rs. 275 while the other amount was given due to his pride of performance. "This attitude of my mother institute in the new Pakistan is reprehensible and will give me this honor," Rashid Mahmood said.

He said that people on PTV are receiving Rs. 15 to 25 lakh per month even though they have nothing to do with showbiz or not. He announced that he would not work on Pakistan Television in protest. Talking to Dawn News, Rashid Mahmood said that the decision not to work on PTV was final.

Rashid Mehmood said that with the Pride of Performance actor, some people sent Rs. 620 in a ridiculous manner while inside PTV, their loved ones were given Rs. 8, 8 lakhs for a day and program. The actor said that PTV has formally apologized to me for giving such a small amount of check and I have forgiven him but he will never work on PTV again.

"I have always earned halal food and run my house, and as long as my hands and feet are safe, I will earn and eat on my own," he said. Rashid Mahmood further said that I have never hesitated to speak the truth and will always be the voice of the truth but I will not tolerate any actor's humiliation or criticism.

On the other hand, actor Shimon Abbasi in a message released on the social networking website Twitter expressed his anger over giving a check of Rs 620 to Rashid Mahmood. Shimon Abbasi wrote that giving a check of Rs 620 to Rashid Mahmood by an institution like PTV is incomprehensible.

He asked what are the criteria for payment of Pride of Performance in this country? Shimon Abbasi added that did Rashid Mahmood serve in the showbiz industry for decades? Besides, Pakistani singer and actor Ali Zafar also supported actor Rashid Mahmood and said that it should not happen.

In various tweets on Twitter, Ali Zafar wrote, "I remember the day I visited PTV a few years ago and I was shocked to see that a senior and well-known artist from the company (Very little) was asking for compensation.

"I said I would not take my compensation until the senior artist was paid and I hoped things would change soon," he wrote.

Ali Zafar said that it has become a norm in our country not to pay salaries to artists, actors, producers, even journalists and other employees for months. The singer added that this tradition needs to end, there should be a law for timely payment of salaries.

He wrote that society is known for the way it treats the creative and literary mind.


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