Rafi's Evergreen Song Which Started Bleeding From the Throat During the Recording

Rafi's Evergreen Song Which Started Bleeding From the Throat During the Recording

Posted on Jul 31, 2020

The great singer of the subcontinent and the uncrowned king of the world of music, Muhammad Rafi Gaiki was born with a skill that nature bestows on someone, it is hard to believe but once the last wish of a prisoner on death row Had to listen to a song (you can read this episode below). It has been 40 years since this king of heads was separated from his fans, but he is still alive in the hearts of millions of fans through his voice.

Born on December 24, 1924, the singer grew up in the streets of Bhati Gate, a well-known neighborhood in the city of Data. He used to go to the city's largest Lawrence Garden every day to awaken the magic of his sarcastic voice. When the young man's melodious voice echoed in the air, people were drawn to him. Muhammad Rafi still remembers the art of singing on the terraces of his hometown.

He moved to Mumbai in 1941 at the age of seventeen, but his memory still hangs on the walls of Lahore. For Mumbai's film industry, Mohammad Rafi's voice was nothing short of a blessing. Rafi, who started his career with a song from the movie 'Invaluable Clock', did not look back all his life, one after another many other beautiful songs became Rafi's identity and success began to kiss his steps.

Whether it is actor Bharat Bhushan, Guru Dutt, or Dilip Kumar in the fifties, Dharmendra in the sixties, Shami Kapoor or Dev Anand in the sixties, or Jatinder in the seventies, Rishi Kapoor or Amitabh Bachchan Mohammad Rafi gave his voice. Whether the actor is serious or humorous, if the voice is Rafi's, then half the work of the filmmaker would have been easier. By the way, the number of memorable songs of Mohammad Rafi is undoubtedly very high because he did a lot of work during his long career of more than 3 decades.

But very few people know that there is a song by Mohammad Rafi which started bleeding from his throat while singing. It was sung in the court raga and it is said that Muhammad Rafi did Riyadh for 15 days.

Nowshad is said to have put too much emphasis on Muhammad Rafi, who was too tall for the last ends of the song, which caused his vocal cords to bleed and he spat blood. As a result of this song, the singer's throat was so affected that he could not sing for 10 days. "I wanted to show the range of Rafi's voice," Nowshad Ali said years later.

Interestingly, after this experience, Mohammad Rafi was able to raise his throat so loudly and many years later he did not face any difficulty while singing live on TV. Another incident about the same song is also very famous, according to which once a criminal was to be hanged. When asked about his last wish, he said that instead of meeting a meal or a relative, he wanted to hear Muhammad Rafi's song "O keeper of the world" before he died.

Prison officials were stunned to learn of the wish, and the song was played on a tape recorder to fulfill it.


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