Rabi Pirzada's first 'Hamad' is popular

Rabi Pirzada's first 'Hamad' is popular

Posted on Jan 13, 2020

Rabi Pirzada's first 'Hamad' is popular. Former singer and actress Robbie Pirzada announced her new life in November last year, announcing the showbiz world.
The singer and actress took a break from showbiz after her inappropriate videos were leaked, saying she would no longer be back in the entertainment world.
Rabi Pirzada shared a few photos and videos on social media even after announcing the departure of the showbiz in which he signed a new life and said that he would now spend the rest of his life following religious teachings.
The actress started sharing photos and videos on social media at the end of December 2019 on social media and many people shared their religious education photos and videos on social media. And was praised by the former singer.
Last week, on January 5, Rabi Pirzada shared a video on Instagram with the post about the beginnings of living according to religious teachings in which she will be shown reciting the Quran.

The video shared on Instagram by Rabi Pirzada earlier this month can be seen on the scarf as he not only reads a few verses from the Koran in the short video but also appears to translate them. ۔
After Rabi Pirzada started living according to religious teachings and shared his calligraphy photos on social media, some people criticized him and claimed that he was shared on social media. Graphics are not his after which he has now released numerous videos responding critically.
Rabi Pirzada released videos of calligraphy on Instagram and Twitter, as well as wrote that those who think that calligraphy is not mine should know that if God can make human beings a friend of fat animals, then they should do human art. Can't give
Interestingly, in the series of videos shared by the singer, the same 'Hamad' is heard and that 'Hamad' is in the voice of Rabi Pirzada.

'I am a sinner' was praised by Rabi Pirzada in great warmth and many fans praised his beautiful voice in praise of his calligraphy.


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