Rabi Pirzada started living according to religious teachings

Rabi Pirzada started living according to religious teachings

Posted on Jan 6, 2020

Rabi Pirzada started living according to religious teachings
Former singer and actress Rabi Pirzada on November 12 greeted the showbiz world and announced a new life.

The singer and actress took off from showbiz after writing to unknown people, saying they would not return to the international world.

Even after Rabi Pirzada's announcement to quit showbiz, some pictures on the media and his life were told that he was a new lifestyle joy, and then he was left behind in whose life religious teachings were revealed.

However, the actress did not bother much at the time, but in late December 2019, she started firing images and video of religious education events on the media.

Rabi Pirzada's publications on religious education photos and media codes have some people happy and praised the former singer.

And now Rabi Pirzada has released a video on Instagram in which she is sitting with the scholar and has given the Quran a coastline and its translation by women.

Rabi Pirzada did not have a short video in the scarf in the video but it was only the Quran that lived in the recitation of the verses.

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Rabi Pirzada announced the release of Showbiz in November - screenshot
Rabi Pirzada has also mentioned in the video of the joke that there has been some talk about Islamic education of Islamic education on media and the promotion of Islamic teachings is with the woman.

He respects and adheres to other religions in his video, and has also seen that he teaches teaching Islam.

Rabi Pirzada said that the media was talking about aspects of the Quran along with the translation of the media and that he was aware of the majority.

The former actress started living on the basis of Islamic teachings, which is not appreciated by ordinary people.


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