Rabi Pirzada Announced to Leave the Showbiz

Rabi Pirzada Announced to Leave the Showbiz

Posted on Nov 12, 2019

Renowned singer and actressRabi Pirzada announced to leave the show on November 4 this month after her personal video was leaked.

While Rabi Pirzada's goodbyes to showbiz, where the showbiz personalities described it as a disappointing decision, many fans also demanded the actress withdraw her decision. However, some fans were satisfied with the actress's decision to leave the showbiz, as well as fans,  had advised the singer to start living according to Islamic teachings.

And now the actress has announced a new beginning of her life by sharing some paintings of the Ka'aba with her tweet.

In her tweet, Rabi Pirzada shared the photos of the pencil artwork created with the title 'New Beginnings', and the actress also used the hashtag of 'save souls'.

Although the actress did not specify what she was going to do after leaving the showbiz, her fans described her as the beginning of a painter's career as Rabi Pirzada. After the actress tweeted a new start, many fans cheered and expressed their best wishes and encouraged them to be even more excited.

Some fans thought that after leaving the showbiz the actress would now live up to the religious teachings and possibly Rabi Pirzada would now try her luck in Naat Khawani but she did not explain it herself.

It may be recalled that the actress, who had announced to leave the show after her personal photos and videos were leaked at the end of last month, had also said in some interviews that she had spoken about occupied Kashmir. Therefor videos were leaked.

Rabi Pirzada has been active on social media over the occupied Kashmir for the past few months before the videos were leaked, and India has been criticizing over the termination of its Kashmir Valley status.

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