PTV Issued a Check for Extra Money After Apologizing to Rashid Mahmood

PTV Issued a Check for Extra Money After Apologizing to Rashid Mahmood

Posted on Sep 17, 2020

The management of Pakistan Television (PTV) apologized to senior actor and voice actor Rashid Mahmood for issuing a check for only Rs 620 and gave him a check for extra money.

Rashid Mahmood had revealed in an interview with Dawn News on September 14 that the management of PTV Lahore Center had issued him a check of only Rs. 620 for reciting an obituary during Muharram.

The award-winning actor had said that he had recorded an obituary and it had been two years since he left and he was recently given a check, in which his fee was Rs 275 while the other amount he received was a presidential award. Given due to Pride of Performance. He had claimed that people on PTV were receiving Rs 15 to 25 lakh a month even though he had nothing to do with showbiz.

He had announced after receiving a very low paycheck that he would not work for the next PTV in protest. The PTV management had taken notice of the issue of Rashid Mahmood providing a very low paycheck and apologized to the actor. A video of the actor was released by PTV News on September 14, in which Rashid Mahmood said that he was given a check of Rs 620 by mistake.

Rashid Mahmood said that the Managing Director (MD) of PTV took notice of him receiving a check for less money and the MD said that he issued the check on the basis of mistake. Rashid Mahmood said that MD PTV also apologized to him. After receiving a check of only Rs 620 for Rashid Mahmood, Information Minister Shibli Faraz had also told during a press conference that the check was issued to the senior actor on the basis of mistake and the PTV management also apologized for the said mistake.

After the PTV management apologized, the management also issued a new check for additional money to Rashid Mahmood. Rashid Mahmood confirmed that he had received a check for extra money from PTV and tweeted that PTV had sent him a new check after apologizing. The actor also shared a photo of the new check of Rs 9,600 sent by PTV.


At the same time, the actor clarified that he will not work with PTV despite getting a new check. According to the actor, he did not cash both the checks sent by PTV and he has decided to decorate both the checks in the drawing-room and keep them as a memento.


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