Priyanka Chopra faces criticism for supporting Iranian women instead of Indian

Priyanka Chopra faces criticism for supporting Iranian women instead of Indian

Posted on Oct 11, 2022

Actress Priyanka Chopra, dubbed Bollywood's piggy chops, is being criticized for supporting women protesting the right to wear or not wear the hijab in Iran.

Three days ago, Priyanka Chopra wrote a post in favor of Iranian women by sharing the portrait of Mahsa Amini, a girl allegedly killed by the police in Iran.

The authorities killed Mahsa Amini a few days ago for allegedly not wearing a hijab, against which protests are ongoing worldwide, including in Iran. In other countries, including Iran, women are seen cutting their hair by removing the hijab.

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During the same campaign, many personalities are also posting in favor of Iranian women, that they should be given the right to wear hijab or not, not to impose their will on them.

Priyanka Chopra also posted about the same campaign and wrote that after the death of Mahsa Amini, women worldwide have stood up for Iranian women and are cutting their hair and sending a message to the Iranian authorities that now they will not work.

The actress supported Iranian women who stood up against the ban on wearing hijab and wrote that their will should not be imposed on them; they should be allowed to live according to their will.


Dozens of people commented on such a post of the actress, took her with her hands, and reminded her that she remains silent on the atrocities on Muslim women in her country India.

But the actress has not written a word about him to date. Many people wrote in her post that it is everyone's choice to wear a hijab or not. Still, in India, Muslim women who wear hijab are being harassed and prevented from getting an education killed.


Some people thanked Priyanka Chopra for supporting Iranian women and asked if she ever wrote a post favoring Muslim women who are victims of state oppression in India.

People also labeled Priyanka Chopra as a 'hypocrite' and anti-Muslim for supporting Iranian women and remaining silent on atrocities on Indian Muslim women.

Describing Priyanka Chopra as a 'hypocrite', users wrote that it would have been good if she had done the same for Muslim women oppressed in her own country, India. Still, at that time, she became anti-Muslim and is now an Iranian woman for showing off.


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