PIA is running by "Sifarashies", I'm never flying PIA again , Maheen Khan

PIA is running by "Sifarashies", I'm never flying PIA again , Maheen Khan

Leading fashion designer Maheen Khan has said that she is surprised that Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) is running a recommendation team and now she will never travel on his plane again.

The fashion designer wrote in her tweet that in the last 30 years, political recruitments were made in PIA, and jobs were given to their own relatives.

She wrote that she was amazed at how the PIA was being run by a recommendation team.

She also mentioned in her tweet the recent PIA plane crash in Karachi and said that it was shameful that the families of the victims were being mistreated.

She announced in another tweet that she would never travel on PIA planes again.

Maheen Khan also tweeted a video of the sister of a man killed in a Karachi plane crash, in which she was seen talking about the difficulties in retrieving her brother's body.

Maheen Khan shared a video of a woman who claimed that her brother Mirza Waheed Shah Baig was also on board the PIA plane and that she came to know about the accident through the news.

In the video, the woman claimed that from the day of the accident till today, she has been wandering from one place to another to receive her brother's body, but she was not being given accurate information.

The woman claimed that the PIA had not set up any helpdesk in this regard and was not taking care of how to talk to the bereaved families of those who lost their loved ones in the accident. ۔

The woman claimed that the help from the PIA administration was a far cry and that she was treating her family members with disrespect.
And the PIA management is talking to them in an inappropriate manner when asked any question by relatives.

The video of the woman shared by Maheen Khan was uploaded on Twitter on May 30, however, it could not be confirmed how old the video is.


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