Photo of Hamza Ali Abbasi and Nemal Khawar With Son Goes Viral

Photo of Hamza Ali Abbasi and Nemal Khawar With Son Goes Viral

Leading Pakistani actors Hamza Ali Abbasi and Neemal Khawar Khan released a photo with their son on the occasion of their first wedding anniversary and the photo of Muhammad Mustafa Abbasi is being liked by the fans.

It may be recalled that Hamza Ali Abbasi and Neemal Khawar Khan tied the knot on August 25 last year and their pair was much appreciated. And recently she gave birth to a son named Muhammad Mustafa Abbasi.

Later in an Instagram post, Hamza Ali Abbasi also shared a picture of his son for the fans.

Now Hamza Ali Abbasi shared a photo of his son and wife on Instagram on the occasion of his first wedding anniversary, at the same time he thanked Allah Almighty and also wrote a translation of verse 21 of Surah Al-Rum. On the other hand, Nemal Khawar Khan also released a picture with the child on the occasion of the first wedding anniversary and expressed happiness.

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Muhammad Mustafa Abbasi ❤️

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It is believed that Nemal Khawar Khan had also acted in a drama before her marriage to Hamza Ali Abbasi. However, two days after the marriage, news came that she had given up acting and the reason was being attributed to her husband. She had informed in a detailed post that she had quit acting several months before the wedding. Later, on November 14 last year, Hamza Ali Abbasi had just released a special video announcing his retirement from acting, after which his fans were saddened to hear this news.

However, in a Twitter message on March 2, Hamza Ali Abbasi made it clear that he had not quit acting but had been away for some time. The actor further wrote, "I have just taken a long break so that I can make time for my religion. I hope to make projects as well as act in projects that are made keeping in mind the limits that Allah has given." Decided for us.

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Couldn’t be more grateful to Allah🙏🏻 Anniversary ♥️

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Hamza Ali Abbasi started his career in theatre in 2006, later directing a feature film called 'Mid House and the Golden Doll'.

He has also acted in films like 'War', 'I am Shahid Afridi', 'Jwani Phar Nahin Aani' and 'Parvaaz Hai Janoon'.

Hamza Ali Abbasi has also played an important role in the soon to be released film 'The Legends of Mula Jutt'.

The actor's first drama 'Mere Dard Ko Jo Zaban Mele' came out in 2012, after which he acted in successful dramas like 'Pyare Afzal' and 'Man Mail'.


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