Persuaded to work hard and diligently, Neelam Muneer

Persuaded to work hard and diligently, Neelam Muneer

Posted on Jan 3, 2020

Persuaded to work hard and diligently, Neelam Muneer
KARACHI: Leading actress Neelam Muneer termed the work experience on the big screen success and said that she would not impose any role on herself.

According to the details, Neelam Muneer, a good actress of the Pakistani film and drama industry, has said that fate is also believed but before I am convinced to work hard, I will definitely work on the big screen whenever the good character is offered.

Neelam Muneer said during an interview that fate also involves a great deal of life in a person's life and I believe in it.

The actress said that along with her fate, I am convinced to work hard and diligently as you get the fruits of it.

The famous actress said that it should not be that man should not work hard and put everything on destiny.

Neelam Muneer added that the experience of the big screen has been successful but I must not allow any particular character to impress me.

Marriage is a duty I will announce at Dinka's peak, Neelam Muneer

Earlier, the actress denied rumours of her secret wedding, calling them a rumour.

Neelam Muneer had said that marriage is not a hiding thing and whenever I decide on marriage, I will declare it at Dinka's injury, marriage is a duty and it should be paid to everyone.


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