Pemra Ask to Review the Content of 'Gala Biscuit' Advertisement

Pemra Ask to Review the Content of 'Gala Biscuit' Advertisement

The Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) has reviewed the content of 'Gala Biscuit' advertisements to Pakistan Broadcasters Association (PBA), Pakistan Advertising Association (PAA), and Pakistan Advertisers Society (PAS).

The advisory issued by PEMRA said that it has been observed that the content of advertisements of common products such as biscuits, surf etc. broadcast on satellite TV channels is not compatible with these products. The authority said the trend was promoting restlessness in the audience and affecting their behavior, not only in violation of generally accepted standards of decency but also against the social and cultural values ​​of Pakistani society.

PEMRA said that in this context, users were criticizing the Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority on the Twitter handle, social media / WhatsApp for allowing such inappropriate advertisements to be aired on satellite TV channels.

The advisory said that viewers believe that advertisements related to common products such as biscuits should be aired in a bizarre manner whose visuals do not correspond to the use of these products and this issue needs to be looked into. At the same time, PEMRA said, there are complaints that the product is being presented intentionally or unintentionally in a way that promotes consumerism and needs to be considered by all stakeholders.

Therefore, PAS, PAA, and PBA are directed to consider the public's concerns regarding the themes/content of the advertisements while their members are acting sensitively and especially considering the concerns of the viewers and Review the content of 'Gala Biscuits' under the Electronic Media (Programs and Advertisements) Code of Conduct.

The authority further said that all stakeholders are directed to stop the increasing use of themes / materials which do not correspond to the nature of the product. In addition, satellite TV channels are instructed to review advertisements by their respective in-house monitoring companies before airing, keeping in mind the viewers, culture and protect consumers from the ravages of consumerism.

This biscuit advertisement was released 2 days ago which consists of one minute and 37 seconds in which actress Mehwish Hayat is present. In this advertisement, the actress was seen promoting gala biscuits in the dress and language of the four provinces. However, after the advertisement was shared, journalist Ansar Abbasi raised an objection and drew PEMRA's attention to the content of the advertisement.


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