Pakistani Animated Film Donkey King Released on Amazon

Pakistani Animated Film Donkey King Released on Amazon

The politically acclaimed filmmaker Aziz Jindani's animated film 'The Donkey King' has been released on the English language web streaming website Amazon Prime in the US and UK after setting a new record of popularity. 'The Donkey King' was first released in Urdu in Pakistan in 2018 and the film was well-received due to its story.

The story of The Donkey King is based on an animal kingdom called Azad Nagar, whose king, the lion, retires and decides to hand over his kingdom to a new king. The story of the film becomes interesting when a donkey is nominated as the king of the kingdom. The donkey is suggested by a cunning fox for this position, but the donkey is not ready to become the new king of the kingdom.

The donkey is ready to become a king only after being explained by a cunning fox, but the story revolves around his choice and many interesting incidents come to light. The film made a record in Pakistan, after which the film was dubbed and released in Spain and Russia. The Donkey King is also the highest-grossing Pakistani animated film to date and has been translated into a total of 10 languages.

According to filmmaker Aziz Jindani, The Donkey King's story was released on Amazon Prime at the behest of British and American film fans. He said that thanks to the story, the film is becoming popular globally and people all over the world are wanting to see the animated film.


The donkey king

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